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4 pole 3.5mm Male to Female OMTP AHJ adapter Convertor for Iphone Nokia Moto handfree

4 pole 3.5mm Male to Female OMTP AHJ adapter Convertor for Iphone Nokia Moto handfree

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Use this adatper you can use your HTC Samsung  nokia's handfree to your iphone 4 Moto or reverse.

4 pole 3.5mm Male to Female OMTP AHJ adapter Convertor for Iphone Nokia Moto handfree

4 pole 3.5mm Male to Female OMTP AHJ adapter Convertor for Iphone Nokia Moto handfree

There are different types of headsets and they are not compatible with each other. The most common issue that causes compatibility issues is the number of conductor points on the headset and what they are connected to, but the signalling arrangement (i.e. the way remote controls work) is also important.

Modern smartphone typically use headsets with four conductor points (the "bands" that you can see on a connector). In almost all cases two points are used for audio out (stereo), one for the microphone, and one for signalling (e.g. to end a call). However, these points are not always used in the same way, or in the same order.

There are two common arrangement for a four conductor point headset. The first, known as American Headset Jack (AHJ) standard, has the microphone connector point on the sleeve end, with the signalling (or ground) connector on the second ring. This arrangement is used by HTC devices, and some recent devices fro-m Sony and Nokia. Apple uses a similar connector arrangement, but uses a non-standard microphone and control signalling method.

The second common arrangement is the longer established and more formalised OMTP standard. It has the signalling connector (ground) next to the sleeve, with the microphone connector on the second ring. This is the reverses of the AHJ arrangement. It is used by the majority of mobile phones currently being sold, most Samsung smartphones, and older Sony Ericsson and Nokia smartphones.

Plugging an OMTP headset into an AHJ jack, and vice versa, will result in the audio-out being inaudible or very quiet. Converters to switch between the two types of headsets are readily available, but do add extra bulk, and may not work reliably with remote control functionality.

4 pole 3.5mm Male to Female OMTP AHJ adapter Convertor for Iphone Nokia Moto handfree

All HTC Windows Phone devices uses the AHJ connector, while Samsung's Windows Phone use the OMTP connector (unconfirmed for the most recent devices as Samsung has started switching over).

Nokia's first generation of Lumia products (Nokia Lumia 505, 510, 610, 710, 800 and 900) have an AHJ connector, which is different fro-m the OMTP connector used in earlier Nokia products (including its Symbian smartphones). Note that Lumia 620 is the only Windows Phone 8 device that uses AHJ connector.

Nokia's Windows Phone 8 devices (Nokia Lumia 520, 521, 720, 810, 820, 822, 920, 925 and 928) use a new universal connector, enabling the use of both AHJ and OMTP headsets.

Apple's non-standard signalling and control method means many designed for iPhone headsets are incompatible with other devices. In general the audio out and one button control on such headsets will work, but the audio-in (microphone) and volume controls will not. Some headset manufacturers produce dual version products that have wider support (presumably supporting more than one signalling method), but working out which is which is a little hit and miss. Its advisable to avoid iPhone specific headset accessories where possible; instead look for AHJ or OMTP compatibility as suited to your specific device.

An added complication is added in by the way in which the signalling (remote control) element works. The AHJ standard has a number of defined shortcuts in addition to the single button press (answer/end call, or play/pause music). These include a long press for voice commands, a double press to skip forward a music track, and a triple button press to skip back a music track. These shortcuts do not always seem to be universally implemented, but there's no particular pattern that can be recognized.

4 pole 3.5mm Male to Female OMTP AHJ adapter Convertor for Iphone Nokia Moto handfree

What is in the package:

4 pole 3.5mm Male to Female OMTP AHJ adapter Convertor for Iphone Nokia Moto handfree×1

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  • Anonymous user( 2014-05-22 02:54:16 )
    Does this converter work for iphone earphones that come with microphone to nokia lumia, so thatthe microphone and the buttons will be useable?
    Administrator: Hello, I am really sorry I have no idea about it. As we not test about it, don't know if it can work.
  • Anonymous user( 2014-04-24 04:09:30 )
    Would this work to convert RHA ma750i(iPhone certified) to be usable on a windows phone(nokia 1020)
    Administrator: Hello, I am really sorry I don't know if it can work.
  • Anonymous user( 2014-03-31 11:33:00 )
    Hello, is there discount when I order 10 to Europe or still 4$ per piece?
    Administrator: Hello, I've sent the price to your e-mail address, please check about t.
  • Anonymous user( 2013-11-13 03:57:43 )
    Are you still selling this?
    I would like to order it to Perú
    Administrator: Hello, yes, this item in stock.
  • Anonymous user( 2013-11-09 21:25:33 )
    I just need a couple for personal use; where do you ship from? UK? How long does it take if delivery is in the same country you ship from? Which is it?
    Thank you
    Administrator: Hello, we ship packages form China.
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