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Manytel X16-1185 Mini 1080P Full HD HDMI WIFI RJ45 TV AV Media Player

Manytel X16-1185 Mini 1080P Full HD HDMI WIFI RJ45 TV AV Media Player

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Item Description:

Item Condition: Brand new with retail package. (New in box)

Manytel X16-1185 Mini 1080P Full HD HDMI WIFI RJ45 TV AV Set Top BT Downloader Box Media Player

Manytel X16-1185 Mini 1080P Full HD HDMI WIFI RJ45 TV AV Set Top BT Downloader Box Media Player

Manytel X16-1185 Mini 1080P Full HD HDMI WIFI RJ45 TV AV Set Top BT Downloader Box Media Player

Manytel X16-1185 Mini 1080P Full HD HDMI WIFI RJ45 TV AV Set Top BT Downloader Box Media Player

Manytel X16-1185 Mini 1080P Full HD HDMI WIFI RJ45 TV AV Set Top BT Downloader Box Media Player

1080P Full HD HDMI  WIFI RJ45 TV Set Top Box Media Player
1) Main chipset: Realtek1185

2) Processor main frequency: Realtek RTD1185DD 500MHZ

3) Use high performance ARM-Base Processor, embedded GPU with 2D/3D accelerate


5) Memory: NAND 2GB

6) Expandable memory: Inset SD card or connect USB hard drive

8) Android applications: A great variety of Android applications and games

9) Internet browser: Browse the web

10) Media Decoder support up to 1080P of all formats such as H.264, H.263, VP8, RV8 / 9,MPEG4,Xvid,Divx 3/4/5,MPEG1/2

11) WIFI: 802.11b/n/g & Ethernet 10/100M

12) Support control device: wireless keyboard / mouse

13) Interface: DC IN, RJ45, 2 x USB, AV, HDMI, SD card slot

14) IR remote controller

15) Video format: MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DIVX-5/4, motion JPEG, Xvid, video, files


17) Audio format: MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, PLAC; Stereo output

18) Picture format: JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG

19) Support MS office, E-mail, MSN, Skype etc apk app , bt downloader

20) HDMI 1.3version

21) Power voltage: DC 5V/2A adaptor

22) Size: 126 x 126 x 26mm

23) Language: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Thai, Chinese

 High Definition Network Media Player


Dear customers:


     Thanks for purchasing the product. Before using this player, please read the "instructions" carefully, We are not responsible for any damage for the hardware,program,file and system of the player caused by improper use. Please keep the manual as reference.




Please pay attention to the following notes before using it.


1 To prevent the fire or electric shock accident; do not expose this player in the rain or humid environment.


2 In order to reduce fire, electric shock or damage the product, do not let the machine be affected with damp or splash water drops.


3 Safety guide:


●. Please use with the enclosed special adapter, may not be able to share with other adapter.


●. Please do not let the cable or the plug for the adapter near the heat source equipment.


●. Please do not put heavy object on top of the adapter.


●. Please do not overhaul the adapter and the power cord.


●. Do not open the machine in order to safety, please contact the professional staff for repairing.


4 Maintenance Tips


●. Non-professionals shall not open the machine in case to damage the complex machine.


●. Users shall not open the machine and remove any parts otherwise the warranty expired.


●. If you need maintenance, please contact your local department to arrange for repairing.


●. If you need to replace components or accessories, it must be replaced with the original parts by manufacturer.


Front and Rear panel                                          

①  and ② USB HOST port: insert an external hard drive or U disk.


③  SD:SD card port.


④  DC: 5.2v/1.5A power port.


⑤  AV: Video and analog audio left/right channel output.


⑥  HDMI 1.3 output.


⑦  RJ45 network port, 10M/100M network cable can insert from here. Green light on, yellow light flashing.


⑧  Infrared remote control receiver.


⑨  Power indicator, blue light means power on.


Remote Control                                           


1.    <POWER>: on/off key. When power off, the system goes to standby model. It has to be unplugged to cut the power.


2.     <MUTE>: Press this key sound off, press again sound on


3.    <0-9 number keys>: For entering IP address or password and so on.


4.    <MENU>: Press this key on any state, you can quickly return to the main menu interface.


5.    <Eject>:can eject and close external CD-ROM


6.    <Option>: In local video, web browsing, file operation etc, can do some relevant operations when press the key.


7.    <REV> <FWD>: backward or forward.


Red and green color buttons are used for prompt that appears below the screen.


8.    <VOL-> and <VOL+>: Adjust the volume.


9.    <GO-TO>: Set up the playing time for playing videos.


10.    <UP> <DOWN> <LEFT> <RIGHT>: navigation keys


11.    <Info>: Use with <Ok> key together to see the playing video’s info.


12.    <16:9 4:3>: Select screen ratio.


13.    <Ok>: Play or confirm key.


14.    <Play/Pause>: temporarily suspended.


15.    <Repeat>: Can switch among repeat all, repeat single and repeat off when playing videos.


16.     <Exit>: Press this key to return previous menu or stop video playback.


17.    <Audio>: Select the sound track.


18.    <SUB-T>: Select the right subtitle when the movie has multi-subtitle.


19.    <Setup>: Enter setup menu quickly.


20.     <Prev/Next>: Press twice continuously to play previous or next movies. Press once for playing previous or next chapter (DVD)


21.    <Zoom>: zoom in the local videos as much as 8 times and pictures as much as 16 times


●Remote control battery installation


There is a battery slot in the back of the remote control. Open the cell door, according to the direction of the battery to build in two AAA 1.5V batteries and then cover it.


●Remote control battery replacement


*Battery life usually depends on the quality or using frequently and the environment.


*If the remote control did not work, even close to the player, please replace the battery.


●Remote control operating range


* Remote control operating range is: not more than 7 meters from the front panel to the player, angle within 60 degrees;


* Remote control distance will be affected by the ambient light and the obstructions.


Connection method                                       


●Connect with AV (TV):


For TV only with AV interface, plug one side of AV cable into TV’s AV Input and connect the other side to the player’s AV OUT. Through the AV cable connects the TV and the player, can output composite video and audio signal. The default output is NTSC.


●Connect with HDMI (TV):


Through the HDMI cable connects the TV and the player, can output high-definition images and sound.


   After connecting with power supply, HDMI cable, and Internet cable, the blue light on when press <power> key. Adjust to AV or HDMI output and the image will be shown as below:


The main function menus are APP, Movies, Music, Photo, File Manager and Setup. Choose any icon with <OK> key.


Playing operation                                          




Choose APP in main menu and press<OK> key, as shown below:


     In the menu, many useful video websites are prepared, including PPTV, QQLIVE,YOUKU,TUDOU and so on, which give you excellent experience of high-quality video resources. Actually, the last icon, RealPilot, is a Browser. You can enter any website that you want to go. Each icon operations are easy to understand according to prompts.


2   Movies


Insert the USB external storage, the system will find all video resources automatically. You can select desired movies, then press <Option> key, a function bar will be shown to the right, as shown below:


Press<Ok> or <Play> to start playing.


3 Music


Click music icon and press <Ok> to enter, music in USB storage will be searched and auto-run.


Press<Stop> key to stop playing music. Press <Exit> for returning to the previous menu.


4. Photo


Click Photo icon and press<Ok> to enter, choose any photo in USB storage to view:


Press <Option> key, a function bar will be showed to the right, including slide timing, slide switch, continuous play, and background music and so on. Press <Exit> back to previous menu.




5 File Manager


Click File Manager icon and press <Ok> to enter, a local USB device, Network, and UPNP device are showed as below:


If your computer is connected the same network, and has set up files sharing. You can browse and play media resources in the computer through the player, as shown below:


                      Shared folder


Content of the shared folder


Press green key on remote control when browse local and network files, file operations will be showed. Copy, delete, move, and rename can be operated on an appointed file. As shown below:


File copy



Select the destination file and press <Play> to copy, as shown below:

6 Setup


There are two ways to enter the setup. The one is to click the setup icon in the boot menu, or press remote control’s <Setup> key to enter. As shown below:


Five sub items are System, Audio, Video, Network, and MISC. Use remote control’s left or right key to choose.


System sub items


Menu Language: select language.


Text Encoding: select subtitle’s internal encoding.


Time: set up time.


R/RW Auto-Play: DVD/Blue-ray auto play.


Screen Saver:Set up screen saver timing and photos


DLNA DMR: Digital Living Network Alliance DMR


Device Name: DLNA DMR device.


MiniKBD Language: The default language of input method.


Scan Storage: whether to auto scan media files in USB storage or not.


Resume Play: whether to resume play from breakpoint or not.


Format: HDD format.


BD Menu: On/off


Auto standby: on/off


Factory Default: restore factory settings.


Skin Style: select skin style.


Audio sub items

Night mode: on/off/comfort






Surround Sound: No use


Lip sync: No use


Video sub items


Aspect Ratio: set up screen ratio.


TV system: set up output resolution.


Video Zoom: on/off


1080P 24HZ: on/off


Deep color: color effect.


Network sub items


Wired Lan Setup: DHCP(AUTO),FIX IP.


Wireless Setup:


    The player supports REALTEK3070 series USB adapter. It will search WIFI signal after inserting USB adapter. Press<Zoom> key to re-search WIFI signal and type the password if needed. As shown below:


PPPOE Setup: set up the password of network PPPOE account.


MISC sub items


Version Info: display version.


Network Info: display IP address and network info.


USB upgrade: for firmware updates in the future.

Technical Index                                            


1、    A strong online videos playback and high-quality online video resources are included.


2、    LAN network port and WIFI( accessory needed)


3、    Supports NTSC/PAL composite video and HDMI 1.3 output.


4、    Supports portable HDD, U disk, and SD card. Plug and play.


5、    Supports HD 1080P(1920X1080P)video decode and output.


6、    Supports external DVD, blue-ray CD-ROM, and perfect for experiencing HD digital life.


Video Format


RM,RMVB,MP4,MKV,AVI,MOV,TS,WMV,DAT,TS,MTS,TP,VOB,DAT,FLV,MPG,ISO,IFO full-format video playback, support code rate as high as 104Mbps.


Audio Format:






sub,smi,ssa,srt,idx+sub,support external sub-t and adjust at any time.


File format




7、    Supports Chinese, English and more than 10 language interface.


8、    Supports 4:3 and 16:9


9、    DC 5.0V/1.5A power supply.


What is in the package:

Manytel X16-1185 Mini 1080P Full HD HDMI WIFI RJ45 TV AV Set Top BT Downloader Box Media Player×1

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